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Welcome to the Union Medals, Awards, and Prizes submission and review site!

AGU utilizes a two-step nomination and review process to enhance the accessibility and equity of the Union medals, awards, and prizes. Please review the specific criteria for the honor you are submitting a nomination for and AGU's values prior to starting the process. 

  • The first round of the 2024 Nomination cycle will run from 17 January to 1 March at 23:59 EDT
  • All required information must be submitted through the online submission platform
    • Late/incomplete nominations will not be accepted
    • Materials sent outside of the submission platform will not be accepted
  • We reccomend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access the online nomination platform

To submit a nomination click on, SUBMIT NOMINATION, in the top navigation bar.

If you have questions or if you encounter technical issues with the submission platform, please contact us at honors@agu.org.  

Nomination Process for First-Round: 

Nominators are required to submit a statement of intent and statement of the nominee's alignment with AGU valaues. Neither statement should exceed 400 words in length or include individually identifying information about the nominee (i.e., names, institutions, etc.)

  1. Statement of intent: The statement should highlight the nominee's qualifications as they pertain to the primary criteria/award scope. 
  2. Statement of the nominee's alignment to AGU values: The statement should outline the degree to which the nominee aligns with AGU values. Nominators will be asked to provide examples.

First-round nomination packages will be reviewed anonymously by the selection committee. Nominators whose nominee is selected to move foward to the second round will be asked to submit additional materials. Notifications for the second round will go out in April. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are self-nominations permitted?
    • Yes, self-nominations are accepted. 
  • Are co-nominators allowed?
    • Yes, one primary nominator and one co-nominator are allowed per nomination.
  • Are co-supporters allowed? 
    • No, co-supporters are not allowed. A nomination is required to have only three supporters. 
  • What happens if there are mulitple nominations for a single candidate?
    • Two or more nominations for a single candidate for a given award will NOT be considered. If separate packages are received, the nominators will be asked to combine them. 
  • Does AGU accept posthumous nominations?
    • No, posthumous nominations are not allowed but will be considered if the nomination was submitted when the nominee was still alive. 
  • Can I submit more than one nomination?
    • Yes, you can submit more than one nomination for multiple awards.