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Welcome to the Union Medals, Awards, and Prizes submission and review site!

  • The 2022 nomination cycle will run from 18 January through 15 April 23:59 (ET).
  • All required materials must be submitted through the online submission platform.
    • Materials sent outside of the submission platform will not be accepted. 
  • We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access the online submission platform. 
  • To submit a nomination click on, SUBMIT NOMINATION, in the top navigation bar.

If you have questions or if you encounter technical issues with the submission platform, please contact us at honors@agu.org.  

Honors Program Policies:

  • AGU Conflict of Interest 
  • AGU Professional Conduct Self-Disclosure 
  • AGU Honors Program Career Stage Eligibility Requirement Allowance Policy 
    • NEW: Covid-19 Impact Clause 
  • Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Co-nominator/Co-supporter: In addition to a nominator, a nomination package can only have one co-nominator and three supporters. 
  • Multiple Nominations for a Single Candidate: Two or more nominations for a single candidate for a given award will NOT be considered. If separate packages are received, the nominators will be asked to combine them.
  • Posthumous Policy: Posthumous nominations are not allowed but will be considered if the nomination was submitted when the nominee was still alive.


  • Can I nominate someone who is not an AGU member? Yes, AGU membership is not required for Union awards, medals and the Taira Prize. The Climate Prize requires active AGU membership. 
  • Can I submit a nomination if I am not an AGU member? No, AGU membership for nominators is required for Union awards and medals. AGU membership is not required to submit a nomination for the Climate Prize and Taira Prize. 
  • Can I submit more than three letters of support? No, you are required to submit a total of three letters of support.
  • Can I submit more than one nomination? Yes, you can submit more than one nomination for multiple awards.