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Welcome to the Section Awards submission and review site!

Thank you for participating in the AGU Honors Program. 

Recommended browsers: Google Chrome and Firefox

Committee Review Instructions: 

Committee chairs and members - to access your respective nomination packages for review, click on My Judging Assignments, on the left navigation bar. 

Committee chairs - to pull a ranking report and/or track committee members progress, click on Judge Team Manage Panel, on the left navigation bar. 

If you have questions or if you encounter technical issues with the submission platform, please contact us at agu_honors@agu.org

Honors Program Policies:

  • AGU Conflict of Interest 
  • AGU Professional Conduct Self-Disclosure 
  • AGU Honors Program Career Stage Eligibility Requirement Allowance Policy 
    • NEW: Covid-19 Impact Clause 
  • Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Co-nominator/Co-supporter: In addition to a nominator, a nomination package can only have one co-nominator and three supporters. 
  • Multiple Nominations for a Single Candidate: Two or more nominations for a single candidate for a given award will NOT be considered. If separate packages are received, the nominators will be asked to combine them.
  • Posthumous Policy: Posthumous nominations are not allowed but will be considered if the nomination was submitted when the nominee was still alive.